The ACF’s ‘Brave New World’

The Australian Conservation Foundation has finally adopted what a  lot of us have known all along. That being, the environment is NOT a ‘free good’. Recognising this, leads to an appreciation that we need to know precisely what it is worth in money terms. As money value is the primary motivating factor in land-use decisions, it must be shown that to knock down native vegetation comes at a price.

The ACF put it this way:

“Valuing the environment is not an idealist goal, it’s a crucial factor in much of the decision-making affecting our environment. That’s why we’ve launched the New Economics Advisory Service, a specialist crew of economists who can provide economic assessments for your environmental project”.

CurtisNRA are one of the leaders in the field of environmental valuation, and are connected with this initiative through their association with one of the advisory panel members, Economists at Large (see previous post where CurtisNRA collaborated with Eco-large to value the ecological goods and services provided by the travelling stock routes in NSW).

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