Protect the Bush Alliance

A new book written by Sharyn Monroe sets out the issues facing farmers, Nature Conservation Organisations in all States, and other advocates of the protection of areas of High Conservation Value, particularly those dedicated as Nature Refuges and others  under protective covenants.

“Rich Land, Wasteland is an exposé on the true costs of coal mining and coal seam gas on our communities in Australia. On a nearly year-long trip Sharyn discovered that towns and districts are dying. Homeowners and farmers are being forced out by mining—broken in spirit and in health. Once reliable rivers and aquifers are drying up or becoming polluted. Once fertile agricultural land is becoming unusable. What was once a rich land is becoming a wasteland”.

For enquiries  about the Bush Alliance, phone: Paul Donatui 07 3367 0878 or Sheena Gillman 07 3201 1982


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